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Some new group shows in 2024

In March the Addison Woolley Group came together to open a new group show at the De’Bramble Gallery in Freeport Maine. I am showing a series of photographs that I took in Tuscany. I was walking around in the small town of Pienza while my wife Andrea was sitting down to paint the same area. In this exhibit we show a combination of that work.

It was also nice to see my work in the second part of the Steve and Judy Halpert Collection in the Jewish Museum.

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23 Mar 2024

New Work in Cove Street Exhibit

From September 2023 through most of November 2023 in Cove Street Arts in Portland runs the exhibit Out and About II. It is an exhibit of Maine photographs and I am happy to have eight photographs in the show. When we have exhibits of “Maine” photographs we generally see work describing Maine the way is is generally expected, showing off Maine’s natural beauty. I have tried to show a bit of the real Maine, some of it not so pretty but very much the way Maine really is. One photograph of a bar scene in Biddeford , loaded with people, at one pm on a weekday. A photograph of a palm reader at the Old Orchard pier, reluctantly having her photograph taken, and one of a farmhouse in Freeport, in the summer, still decorated with Chistmas lighting while a pittbul is barking at me from the second floor window. Maine it is, rather than Maine it should be. This was a well curated show (By Bruce Brown) and I am happy to have been a part of it.

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26 Nov 2023

Quotidian : Seen, at Zero Station

From March 3rd to April 4th, 2022, the Addison Artist Group will have an exhibit at the Zero Station Gallery in Portland. The show is named: Quotidian : Seen

It will be nice to have a show again in spite of the (hopefully) waning Covid presence that is still with us. I am happy to be showing with such a talented group of artists. The participating artist are: Karen Bushold, Dan Dow, Diane Hudson, Jim Kelly, Ruth Sylmor, Fran Vita Taylor, Dave Wade and Andrea van Voorst van Beest. Zero Station is a small gallery so the exhibit will be small but it will have some fine work. I will be showing the grouping of photographs above called: “Desire & Decadence” that investigates the definition of beauty of the human form.

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1 Mar 2022

New exhibits in 2021

In spite of the Covid situation I am happy to have participated in different exhibits. Recently I got a call from the folks at the Union of Maine Visual Artists. They were organizing an abstract photography exhibit and asked if I had an interest in participating. The show was first planned as a gallery exhibit but later (because of Covid)  was planned as an on line show. Basically I am a street/documentary and portrait photographer but it was interesting to experiment with the “Abstract” idea. I started out with basic landscape and then tried to simplify the information in the image, reducing it to the basic forms and colors. Finally adding line and drawing to the image. The show turned out to be successful. Other participants were Mark Barnette, Jim Kelly, Lesley MacVane, CE Morse, John Ripton, Ann Tracy, Dave Wade and Mason Burns. Good company to be in.

Edgar Allen Beem did a very nice review in the Portland Phoenix.                                                                              Abstract # 4

The Maine Jewish Museum opened its doors again. They completed restoration after the fire last April. Curators Nancy Davidson and Nanci Kahn and I had been planning an exhibit for a long time and this month I was happy to install my exhibit: “Rituals”. I am installing a new gallery containing the images of the exhibit.



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19 Feb 2021

Contemporary Portrait 2018

The director of the Maine Museum of Photographic Art, Denise Froehlich, invited me to submit some work for, and then help her with the curating of this exhibit. Denise has been the director of the Museum for the last seven or eight years and has so far mounted a formidable series of photographic exhibits which should be counted among the best in the state. I was honored to be asked to assist her in this endeavor and have enjoyed it. It turned out to be a difficult task mostly because of the abundance of very high quality work that was submitted. The concept of the “Portrait”  was left to the interpretation of the the artists and it was remarkable to see how much space there is for interpretation. The finished show is an interesting take on the concept with some of the area’s best photographers included. I strongly believe it is a significant show. Hope you can come in to see it. The exhibit will be up from Thursday June 14th through most of September. The exhibition space for the Maine Museum of Photographic Arts is housed on the fifth floor of the Glickman Family Library at U.S.M in Portland. Please join us for the opening reception on Thursday June 14th, from 6 pm to 8 pm.

I did submit some work for the exhibit that is part of a larger project called: “Urban Street Shots”. These are photographs I took last year at the famous Coney Island Mermaid Parade.


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11 Jun 2018

Images of Children at UNE

The exhibit at the Art Gallery at the University of New England ran from January 11, 2018 to April 1st. It was a diverse exhibit showing photographs of children from around the world, some vintage photographs from various collections as well as many photographs by contemporary Maine photographers. I was pleased to have been represented with six photographs, one of which is now in the collection of the Art Gallery.

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10 Jun 2018

Two new books

It was wonderful to see one of my photographs (a New York subway photograph) displayed in the UNE exposition  of the newly named: “Steve Halpert Photographic Collection.

Just a week ago, in connection with the upcoming Thoreau exhibit at the Maine Museum of Photographic Arts the book: “Walking” by Thoreau was published by Tilbury House Publishers, with a foreword by Adam Tuchinsky. The book contains 20 B&W photographs. I am pleased to have 4 of my photographs in the book.

The photographs for the book and for the exhibit were curated by Denise Froehlich, the director of the Maine Museum of photographic Arts.

The other book, recently published by Down East Books is: “Maine, Life in a Day”. My photograph was taken in the Wells Wood Turning  & Finishing Company in Buckfield. It shows machine operator Roy Bragg at work.

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20 Oct 2017

Maine Memory Network

The Maine Historical Society put the 400 Years of New Mainers exhibit on line. Tilly Lasky, the curator, did a fine job. If you wish to check it out, here is the link:

Meanwhile the immigrant photographs went from the Camden Library in February to the library of the Mesalonski Highschool in Oakland and then in April they moved to the Waterville library to be exhibited.

I am also happy to announce the opening of my exhibit at the Jewish Museum in Portland opening at March 9th.  The exhibit will run through April 30th and consists out of 13 Silver Gelatine prints of Portland. The photographs were taken between 1988 and 2007 and are from a series of photographs called: “Portland in Black and White”

Happy to get a nice review of the exhibit by Daniel Kany in the Audience Section of the Maine Sunday Telegram on April 16!!

here is the link:

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22 Apr 2017

Immigrant Photo’s at the Camden Public Library!

The photographs from the “New Mainers” book will be on display in the Picker Room at the Camden Public Library during the month of February, starting at Sunday 2/5.

The exhibit will be a perfect accompaniment to the Camden Conference : ‘Refugees and Global Migration, Humanity’s Crisis” which will also runs through February.


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1 Feb 2017

Branching Out and a New Exhibit at 3fish!

“Branching Out”, a photography exhibit curated by Bruce Brown showed at the UMVA Gallery at CTN on Congress Street in Portland from July 7th until August 27th. It was a very good exhibit featuring the work of 39 Maine photographers. I feel privileged my work was also represented in the exhibit. I hope you got an opportunity to see the show.

In September we will have another exhibit at the 3fish gallery on Cumberland Ave by the artists of the Addison Woolley artist group. I will be showing some work from a series “Urban Street Shots”.  The photographs were taken in cities like Amsterdam, Paris,  and New York and all concentrate on interactions in the  human landscape.

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22 Aug 2016