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New exhibits in 2021

In spite of the Covid situation I am happy to have participated in different exhibits. Recently I got a call from the folks at the Union of Maine Visual Artists. They were organizing an abstract photography exhibit and asked if I had an interest in participating. The show was first planned as a gallery exhibit but later (because of Covid)  was planned as an on line show. Basically I am a street/documentary and portrait photographer but it was interesting to experiment with the “Abstract” idea. I started out with basic landscape and then tried to simplify the information in the image, reducing it to the basic forms and colors. Finally adding line and drawing to the image. The show turned out to be successful. Other participants were Mark Barnette, Jim Kelly, Lesley MacVane, CE Morse, John Ripton, Ann Tracy, Dave Wade and Mason Burns. Good company to be in.

Edgar Allen Beem did a very nice review in the Portland Phoenix.                                                                              Abstract # 4

The Maine Jewish Museum opened its doors again. They completed restoration after the fire last April. Curators Nancy Davidson and Nanci Kahn and I had been planning an exhibit for a long time and this month I was happy to install my exhibit: “Rituals”. I am installing a new gallery containing the images of the exhibit.



Posted by admin2 on February 19, 2021

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