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About my Work

My photography is about places and time. It is about the experience of having been there. The place could be anywhere, close to home or far away when I travel. To bring home the essence of a place, to report what went on during that single moment when I pressed the shutter. Classifying my style as mostly Street/Documentary I feel it eases easily into my 2 1/4 format portraiture. And it is hard for an artist to work in a straight line so every once in a while I venture into different territory, like the exploration of the human form or the sculptured form or the relationship between them, or the landscape and sometimes the relationship of the human form and the landscape. Or into different photographic techniques such as polaroid transfers and doing strange things with that such as using these into fabricated imagery such as sequences or mosaics.

Nowadays, especially since the rise of digital technology,  photography becomes even more interesting. There are no limits but your own imagination. And although digital photography is slowly becoming a larger part of my  toolbox I still like the original smell of the darkroom.

During my many years in photography I have found the whole spectrum of emotions. Joy, hate, sadness, love, war and peace. Photographs are small pieces in time. I take them home and have ownership. They are particles of history and a record of life on earth.