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Street photogaphy?

Happy to report that the shot in the Buddhist temple in Shanghai that was featured in the last blog announcing my “travel gallery” will be shown in the 2013 Competition Issue of the “Photo Review” magazine. This issue is expected to come out in the beginning of 2014.

In my mind, the word “Street Photography” is about more than stuff you shoot on the street. It has to do with spontaneity, the spur of the moment, shooting the way life is, unaltered, unposed. A lot of my work falls into this style of photography, a bit documentary but very much dependent on the decisive moment. In the color gallery I added a shot taken on the beach. My feeling is that it’s a “street shot”, (One might disagree) not posed, quick, the girl was just there, at the right moment, unrehearsed and natural. The other one is in the B&W gallery, it’s called “Mermaid in a Taxicab”.  A street shot? Maybe, make up your own mind!


Posted by admin2 on November 25, 2013

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