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New Work on Website & Addison Woolley @ 3Fish

Some new work was just added to some of the galleries on the website!. Check out the “New Work” Gallery to see some new 2 1/4  B&W landscape work done mostly at the beaches at Old Orchard Beach and Ocean Park. It is all Gelatin Silver work, it is good to get away from the digital printing and get into the dark room. It still puzzles me why and I can’t define the reason but there still is a definite beauty of a gelatine silver print.

On the other hand I feel that the act of taking a digital photograph and now having both  color and B&W properties in one “negative” brings color and B&W thinking closer together and even creates possibilities to blend the two, both in series of photographs as well in single images. At 3Fish I show 4 (Street) photographs  of Brooklyn, all digital captures, two of them are color, one B&W and one where a piece of color has been reintroduced into the image. It’s strange how the divide between Color and Black & White seems to disappear. These are now not just B&W or Color photographs anymore. They are just photographic images. Of course the ” Subway Portrait, 2011″,  had to be B&W and pays tribute to Walker Evans.

And finally I got to put in some of the Black and White street work that I shot in Europe last year. These shots below were shot in Budapest. In the Color Gallery some older images were replaced by newer work.



Posted by admin2 on March 9, 2013

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