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New work in the Alternative Processes Gallery

Because  Polaroid Film is not available anymore I have been using Fuji instant film to make transfers. The process is a bit different, you use dry receptors instead of wet  and some of the process has to be done in the darkroom. The emulsion is a bit different but the overall results can be quite satisfying. Here is a shot of some Monarch Butterflies that I took a year ago in the mountains of Michoacan in Mexico. Added in the Alternative Processes gallery you will also find a transfer composite (Mozaic) of the Great Wall of China and some other “Fuji” transfers. These will also be available printed in larger sizes (22×30 and some 30×40) as Archival Pigment Prints, printed on Canson Edition non coated acid free paper.


In the “Alternative Process” gallery you will also find some botanical images in Black and White, these will also be printed and available in large format Archival Pigment Prints.



Posted by admin2 on November 26, 2013

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