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Fall 2014 Exhibits and New Work

In September 2014 I will be participating in two new exhibits:  Vox Photographs will have an exhibit called URBAN, which is going to be shown at their new location oat 334 Forest Avenue in Portland. The opening reception will be on September 18th from 4 t0 7 pm. I will be showing an Archival Pigment Print from a Polaroid Transfer. It is called Harbor Lunch and shows the facade of the old restaurant on Commercial Street in Portland. On the right is Pearl Street and the Customs House.

The other exhibit will be at ” Engine” in Biddeford and is by the Addison Woolley Group and is also addressing the Urban subject matter. The name of the show is “Text + Texture, an Urban Canvas”.  The opening reception is on September 26th from 5 to 8 and the show will run till November 22nd. Walking through Biddeford it is not easy to get inspired. The town needs work, there is an effort going on to revitalize some of the wonderful old mills. I found a local working class pub called “Pops” where it was pretty lively, even at about 1 pm. There was a great atmosphere of people having a good time and knowing each other well. People were friendly and welcoming, even to a photographer they did not know.


We also spent a week on the Beach, in Ocean Park, Maine, the week after Labor Day, when most tourists have left and the beaches again belong to the locals. The weather was great and the beach , as always, gives great opportunity to shoot. There is always the sea, the beach with its low tides, the changing weather patters and the people..   Here is a shot I took of some of the beach occupants that day. I like the shot  because all the birds fall into the top portion of the photo, the man is all in the bottom part with the dark ocean as back ground while luckily his head does not get cut off by the horizon. The sun lights his body perfectly. His arms give you the feel that he is conducting the orchestra of nature.


On November 7th the Addison Woolley Group will have another exhibit at 3 Fish gallery on Cumberland Avenue in Portland. I am showing  12 small photographs, all in the style of my book “Slices of Time, Documenting the Random Moments of Life”

The book was published in 2011 and the small collection of photographs I am showing in this exhibit is an ongoing extension of the same thought. I am showing 5 photographs of Paris, 2014, three of Ocean Park (see above), and four photographs of China (2013).

The one below was taken  in Yichang, China.





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