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Some work now represented by VOX Photographs.

Since the beginning of the year some of my work is now represented by Vox Photographs. I print some of my Polaroid Transfer work, (see the “Alternative Processes”  gallery)  in large sizes which are then released in limited editions. Some of this work can be seen  on the Vox Photography website,

If you would like more info on this please contact Heather Frederick  (The Director at Vox) at or at 207-323-1214



9 Mar 2013

Maine, The way life should be. A photo portrait of Maine

Maine, The way life should be.  A photo portrait of the pine tree state

is a wonderful book with great photography of Maine by Maine photographers. We were waiting for it for a while but now in October it is out. Maine Biz did a fine job with it.

Congratulations. For more information check:

20 Oct 2012

The Maine Book

Maine Biz is publishing a new book of Maine photographs which probably comes out in August. The book will contain about 160 photographs edited from over 2000 entries. The contents was curated by Bruce Brown and by Maine Biz’ Greta Rybus.

I am fortunate to have two images selected for the publication.


18 Jul 2012

Website finally ready!

So now its time to finally open it up and see what happens. We”ll upload a picture for the occasion. Please feel free to leave your comments to tell me what you think!

9 Jul 2012


Welcome to my online galleries! I invite you to take some time to explore my galleries, read my Artist’s Statement, and news page.  You can contact me  if you have any questions about commercial work or if you would like to discuss purchase of any work displayed here.

Be sure to click on the “Comments” link below to see some recent responses to this site and to my work!

12 Dec 2011